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Sweet Valley High

Last updated 14/09/97

Hi! This is Jess and Liz wakefield. Welcome to Sweet Valley High! We think this site is pretty cool. If you have any suggestions or comments, e-mail us! If you have a Sweet Valley Page, join the web ring! Info at the bottom. Oh yeah, and join Club Sweet Valley!

Lots of Love, Liz and Jess Wakefield.

16 year old Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are identical twins - from their sun-kissed blonde hair to their size six figure. Looking alike is the only thing they have in common, though.

ELIZABETH, the elder by 4 minutes, likes to spend her time writing in her journal or an article for the Oracle, talking and spending time with her best-friends Enid Rollins and Maria Slater. She has only had one real boyfriend through High School, Todd Wilkins. Ironically, one of Jessica's good friends, Amy Sutton, was Elizabeth's middle school best friend, who moved away and came back near the start of their junior school year.

JESSICA is more outgoing and snobby than her sister, and doesn't care about other people's feelings. She prefers the mall over school, and loves to hang out and throw parties with her rich and stuck up best-friend, Lila Fowler. Jessica has ever only had one boy-friend whom she was very serious about, Sam Woodruff, and he died tragically.

On the Sweet Valley High TV series, Brittany Daniels plays Jessica(and is more like Liz) and Cynthia Daniels plays Liz(and is more like Jess). They were born on the 17th March, 1976 and Brittany is 5mins older. They get on really well, and live with their best-friend, Amy Danles(Enid).

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    New Books
  • #135 Lila's New Flame

  • Steven Wakefield is psyched to intern at the Sweet Valley District Attorney's office. His first assignment? To investigate the Fowler Crest fire. Steven's always considered Lila the flakiest of his sisters' friends. But as he spends time with her, Steven can't help feeling a definite romantic spark. Then he finds a clue that points to Lila as the culprit! How can he prove she's guilty after losing himself in the searing passion of their first kiss?

  • SVU #34 Spy Girl

  • Jessica Wakefield can't believe it when her boyfriend, undercover cop Nick Fox, finally offers to take her along on an assignment. She knows they'll make a great team. But will Jessica's big mouth get them both in big trouble? Elizabeth Wakefield is in hot pursuit of an exclusive story for the Sweet Valley Gazette. But in order to get it, she must pretend to be dating gorgeous fellow reporter Scott Sinclair. Will their romance become more fact than fiction?

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